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Anna Tollmien,

Impact Entrepreneur

Hello, I'm Anna Tollmien.

I have initiated the Green & Social growth project based on my utopia for a good future and manage it together with involved partners. I am an industrial engineer and have 20 years of experience in the field of innovation.

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20 years of innovation from foundation to group innovation management

17 years of consulting from start-up to DAX board members

5 years Impact Business from Social Entrepreneurship to Social Intrapreneurship



​Foresight and strategy

  • Various projects to develop future scenarios 

  • Various projects to work with trends

  • Diverse projects for strategy development



  • Various projects to set up innovation management and innovation processes

  • Various projects for innovation planning 

  • Various projects to generate innovation ideas

  • Various projects for implementation

  • Various training courses, lectures and teaching activities

Impact Business

  • Writing a utopia in society, economy, healthcare, education, media and other areas

  • Systematic derivation and evaluation of impact potentials

  • Initiation of three pilot projects for impact innovations

  • Foundation of a startup

  • Creation of a digital toolbox for impact innovation

  • Various projects to support managing directors of impact businesses 

  • Various lectures and panel discussions 



What my clients appreciate about me is that I genuinely and deeply care about them and their situation. 

They appreciate that they can count on me and trust me completely. 

They are happy to discuss opportunities rather than problems. This awakens their entrepreneurial spirit.

They are happy that I can quickly understand individual business models and quickly start working together. 

The cooperation results in a long-term benefit that continues to have an effect for a long time. 

Through the balance of creativity and structure, ambition and empathy, inspiration and calm, visionary thinking and implementation, project leadership and learning, team focus and self-reflection, I combine various requirements. 


Anna Tollmien

Project Initiator

Green & Social Growth

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