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A new world needs new narratives.

Are you looking for speakers who focus more on the audience than on themselves? Are you looking for stories that inspire your readers, listeners and viewers for a good future instead of criticizing the present? Then choose a topic or ask individually:

From utopia to innovation – a systematic path to impact innovation

This lecture/article is about the systematic path from utopia to impact innovation:

  • What is impact innovation and what examples already exist today? 

  • How does the process from utopia to innovation look like and what do companies have to consider?

  • How does the process work in practice and what are the insights?


Purpose for the purpose – how everyone can contribute to the regeneration of the world

This lecture/article is about inner change for outer change:

  • Why is the inner development of people, organizations and societies so important for the outer change?

  • How is this related to purpose?

  • Where are we currently as a society and what is next?

  • How can everyone contribute to the regeneration of the world?

The new age of empathy – how underestimated values lead us into a new time

This lecture/article is about empathy. 

  • What is empathy and why does it get more important? 

  • What role do empathic people play for a sustainable future?

  • What can empathic people do to discover their strengths and find their personal path?



Anna Tollmien

Project Initiator

Green & Social Growth

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