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Gerste Felder


A new world as the purpose

The purpose: A bold future - a future with inner abundance. A future in which all people and the planet thrive. A future with healthy structures and a healthy balance. Green & Social Growth primarily contributes to the sustainable economy.

Oma und Enkelin

Empathic society

A society in which people treat themselves, others and their environment with empathy and reflection.


Sustainable economy

An economy in which companies combine economic success and sustainable impact in their business model.


Constructive media

A world in which media report constructively: about what is not going well, what is going well, and how to get from one to the other.

Medizinische Beratung

Healthy healthcare

A healthcare system that puts patients at the center. With healthy structures, fulfilled employees and health as the highest priority.


Child-centered education

An education system that puts pupils at the center. In which the type of learning and the learning content are adapted to the individuals and the teachers support them.


Nature as connection

A world where everything is nature. Where people see themselves as part of nature and everything is in balance.

... and more areas


Anna Tollmien

Project Initiator

Green & Social Growth

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